Fast, Easy, Accurate…Field Painting

Field Painting Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

Save Time, Labor, & Paint

Get the Perfect Sports Field Lines, Every Time — No Tapes or Strings Required!
With TinyMobileRobots, any organization can create an Elite Field for Athletes and Spectators alike, all while giving their crews back hours of their time.

Paint Faster, Easier, & More Accurate.

Our Field Painting Robots can Change the Game for Your Organization and Make Your Fields a Point of Pride.

Reduce Labor Costs

Labor Savings of up to 75%.

Saves Paint

50% Paint Savings & Bright, Straight Lines.

Fast & Automatic

No More Painting Just to Save The Lines!

Accurate & Precise

Extreme Accuracy Down to 0.4"

More Efficient

3-4 Person Job is Now A 1-Person job!

100s Tablet Included

Tablet Includes 100s of Field Templates

What Customers Are Saying About Us

Speed Thrills.

2 hours
Football field complete with hash marks

22 minutes
11v11 soccer field

29 minutes
Women’s lacrosse field (20-minutes for men’s)

26 minutes
Field hockey

Our Field Template Library Also Includes:

  • Baseball / Softball
  • Field Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Flag Football
  • Kickball
  • Numbers, Letters, & Shapes

Or Upload a Custom Field or Logo to Your Tablet.

At Any Level, Game Day is Serious.
And it Starts Way Before the Whistle.

No matter what team you’re on, TinyMobileRobots helps you get the most out of your sports fields.

Curious About How Robots
Can Paint Your Fields?

Reach out to tell us more about your needs!

Sports Field Painting Has Never Been Easier

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