No Tape, No Strings, No Sweat!

TinyMobileRobots takes a 3-4 person job down to a 1-person job — and that person doesn’t need any special skills.

Field Layout In Minutes, Not Hours

Whether you’re a elite travel club, university squad, or a professional team, top-tier facilities reflect top-tier talent. Our soccer field line painting robots let your crews focus on what’s most important.

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Perfect Soccer Fields Without The Hassle

The beautiful game deserves a perfect field. Our field painting robots let you deliver World Cup-quality lines without the hassle of initial field layout.

Soccer Field Layout in Less Time

Paint a 11v11 field in 22 minutes, a 5v5 field in under 5 minutes! — No Field Layout
No Tapes or Strings No Base Stations

Drag-&-Drop Field Placement

Use the Tablet to Drag & Drop Fields Anywhere You Need Through our Simple Google Maps Interface.

Easy Customization

Resize Fields without Losing Proportions, Add Club or Team Logos, Paint Sponsors Names & Logos with Just a Few Clicks.

1-Person Operation

Only 1 Person Operates the Robot. Just Place the Field, Load the Paint, and Press Start.

Paint Savings

Let Your Crews Paint Less Often and Deliver Solid, Bright, Arrow Straight Lines with 40-60% Less Paint

We’ll Paint Your Field…No Strings Attached!
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