Save Time, Paint, and Labor

Stop Sweating Your Life Away Painting Fields.

TinyMobileRobots Lacrosse field painting robots give you more time to maintain the turf and handle other tasks like aerating and fertilization. The robot’s durability and simple maintenance make them a favorite among clubs, high schools, and universities alike.

Quality For Every Lacrosse Field

TinyMobileRobots takes the pain out of painting and eliminates the need for tedious field layout with measuring, tapes and strings. Our field painting robots require just 1-person to operate, and while the robot paints, that person can perform other tasks.

Paint Professional Level Fields Every Time, Anywhere

Easily Swap Between Layouts for any Field Layouts.

Resize, Move, Rotate, & Customize Fields Without Losing Proportions.

Save & Duplicate Previous Fields With Just a Click.

Paint Sponsorship or Club Logos, & Lettering to Elevate Your Fields.

Simple to Operate — Just Place the Field Load the Paint, and Press Start.

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Painting Your Fields Can Be?

Set up a no-obligation demo, and we’ll come paint your field to show how fast, easy and accurate our robots can paint your fields.

Perfection in Every Line, Every Time

Elite play deserves and elite field. With the press of a button, anyone can lay down a regulation men’s or women’s lacrosse field without the hassle of measuring and staking.

Lacrosse Field Painting in Less Time

Our field painting robots can paint a regulation men’s lacrosse field in just 20 minutes, and a women’s lacrosse field in just 30 minutes.

Surgically Precise Lines

Lines, Arcs, Goal Creases, and Starting Circles are No Problem. We can even Paint Club and Pponsorship Logos and Lettering.

Easy to Use For Anyone

Every Tablet uses a Drag-&-Drop Google Maps Interface letting You Place your Fields Exactly Where You Need Them.

Swap Between Lacrosse Field Layouts

The Tablet is Loaded with 100s of Field Templates, Including Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse, that Can Resized & Customize to Your Needs.

We’ll Paint Your Field…No Strings Attached!
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