Choose the Robot That’s Right for You

TinyMobileRobots offers two models you can choose from the Sport and the Pro X. Both are designed to be easy to use and constructed for years of low maintenance and hassle-free operation.

TinyMobileRobots Sport

  • Designed for Sports Clubs and Single Sport Applications
  • Small & Lightweight
  • Most Affordable Sports Field Line Painter on the Market
  • Easy to Transport! (1 person + 1 vehicle)
  • 1 Sport Template Included (Additional Sports Can Be Added)

TinyMobileRobots Pro X

  • Designed for Schools, Universities, Parks & Rec, & Sportplexes
  • Designed for Heavy Use, but Still Easy to Transport
  • Designed for Multiple Field, Multiple Sport Applications
  • All Sports and Field Templates Included
  • Designed to Handle Wet / Rugged / Uneven Surfaces

Why Choose TinyMobileRobots

TinyMobileRobots Sport
TinyMobileRobots Pro X
Robot Weight
55 lbs
77 lbs
132 lbs
No Base Station Needed to Operate
Fields backed up in the cloud for Easy Field Management
Share fields between robots
Easily Lifted and Managed by One Person
Internal Automated Robot Clean-up Process in less than 2 min.

Get a Demo on Your Fields

Let us show you how easy it is to operate. We will paint one of your fields, you choose, for Free. No obligation!

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We’re proud to partner with some of the top Schools, Park Districts, Colleges & Universities, and Sports Clubs.