Fairbanks High School, Ohio

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My typical day on a game day or before day of game preparation, I’d bring the machine down here, push behind manually, I’d paint the field, then I would have to immediately take the machine, and completely clean it. Then I would come down and start doing some of the detailed presentation work that I do setting out the flags, any, you know, string trimming under different things.

On an average day, this time last year, I’d probably be here for about four hours to prepare the game field.

And I’m here no more than two now.

Now what I’ve learned now with the efficiencies of the robot isI can get the robot set up and get it going, and then I can be doing all those other things while the field is being painted. Soreally evaluating that last year, saying what can we do with our volunteers to help them and to be more efficient?

Really for me, my job is to make sure that these fields are ready,they don’t care if a group of volunteers were sick, or if it was a rain delay, that didn’t matter. This was not only on our gamefields, but also on our practice skills to have efficient quality lines for our student athletes.

And that’s really what TinyMobileRobots has allowed me to do is that if we have a field crew that it rains on Wednesdays and we have to wait till an hour before a soccer game, we can get the lines painted.

During band camp, we would be out here, prior to campstarting and we would have tape measures. We would have stakes set up, ropes set up, and we would have to line the field.And then afterward, we would have to upkeep it about every week or so, I would say. Now that we have the robot, although, it’s about an every other week sort of thing that I do.

It’s very nice to be able to just set it up. Let it go and then walk away and come back when it’s time to clean it up. As far as athletics goes, those fields are pretty standard. As far as marching band goes, that’s maybe not something that’s thought about as much in the athletic world.

It turned out to be really easy for me to customize this hash situation that I have set on the field. With everything else. If I wanted to remove the hashes or change it to have college hashes, if we were preparing to march at OSU, for example,with a lot of bands do. That’s something I could do really easily.

So it’s very customizable, makes sense.

On a Friday night, people say, how in the world did you do that? How does that Panthers on that end zone look the same as that Panthers on the other end zone. It’s TinyMobileRobots.

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