What happens at a demo?

Free live demo – what to expect

Do you want to experience the TinyLineMarker® in live action? We do dozens of demos every year and would be happy to pay you a visit and show what the robot can do for you.

Having a demo at your place is free and without any obligations on your part. We enjoy getting around, giving us a chance to demonstrate our robot to all kinds of professionals, and seeing how you work with line marking. As a bonus, we get valuable first-hand feedback and inspiration.

So, contact us today and schedule a demo!

What happens at a demo?

A robot demonstration takes about 1–1.5 hours. When we leave again, you will have a clear picture of how the robot can help you, how easy it is to operate and maintain – plus you will have a complete sports field freshly painted.

At the demo, we will show you:

  1. How the robot works
  2. How to choose, adjust and design sports fields on the tablet
  3. How to prepare the robot for the job
  4. How easy it is to complete an initial marking (or a re-marking)
  5. How to empty and clean the robot after use

You will have a go at operating the robot yourself and you can of course ask all the questions you need to.

Let us mark your lines at the demo

The perfect place for a demonstration is a location where you want a new field or where old field lines have vanished completely. Then we can show the TinyLineMarker’s knack for doing initial line marking in remarkably less time compared to the traditional method with use of strings and manual measuring

Challenge us!

Want to see how accurate our robot is? Show us one of your existing fields and watch the TinyLineMarker repaint it. We’re betting that you will be impressed with the accuracy of the overmarking.

After the demo

The demonstration will make the many benefits clear, but questions about operation, maintenance, trouble-shooting etc. may come up afterwards. You are of course welcome to contact us at any time with all the questions that might arise.

If you decide to start using automatic line marking, we will give you a thorough on-site training including everything you need to know. You can read more about getting started by clicking below.

What if one demo isn’t enough?

We are even ready to come by and do another demo. Sometimes it becomes apparent that more people should experience the robot live – or you could have thought of a special challenge that you would like to see the robot solve. Again, we love being on tour with our robots, so please never hesitate to ask!

Book your demo today

Give yourself the opportunity to experience the TinyLineMarker doing its work on your sports fields – contact us here directly