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Easy & Reliable Field Painting for Universities, Colleges, High Schools & School Districts

Save Time & Money

Save time AND paint: Reduce your paint consumption by up to 50%!

The cleaning process of the robot is automated, which saves even more time for coaches.

No need to maintain unused fields during holidays: The field painter remembers all fields for future seasons.

Maintain Your Fields Like Never Before

Boost the entire school’s morale with perfectly painted fields.

Always be ready for season opening: A new football field only takes 2.5 hours; a new 11v11 soccer field only takes 20 minutes.



Customize Your Fields

50+ field templates are available to be placed on the Google background map.

Customize your fields according to your needs by activating and deactivating specific field elements such as yard numbers and coaching zones. 

Go even further and paint the logo of your school, college, or university. This creates a strong bond with anyone involved – the students, the teachers, the coaches, the parents, sponsors, and within the team. 

Numbers & Letters

Now it’s easier than ever to mark yard numbers, write team names, paint custom messages for events etc. 

Just use the included tablet to write and place your text. Then hit Start – the field painter takes care of the rest.

Let students take control of the field painter and help them free their imagination. 

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