TinyMobileRobots Sport

Robotic Line Painter

Whether you work at a high school or college or are in charge of line marking for a local sports club or sports complex, the TinyMobileRobots Sport is for you. The Sport is the ideal field line marker for small to medium sports clubs and teams with one or two field types. With its low weight and simple operation, this model is an easy-going companion in your working day, helping you to deliver excellent quality with less manual work. The 2.6-gallon paint container is big enough for an entire 11v11 soccer field, which takes only 22 minutes for the robot to complete. You can use that valuable time for other jobs or complete multiple fields in one day. The robot is easy to transport and operate so that a single person can manage all line marking and complete other tasks or grab a break while the robot is working.

Sport Key Features

Easy Transportation & Setup

The TinyLineMarker Sport weighs only 55 lbs and requires no extra equipment, only the robot and tablet, and you are ready to go. That means you can move it between locations without any hassle.

Designed for Sports Clubs & Single Field Applications

The TinyLineMarker® Sport field painter is ideal for sports clubs and high schools looking to reduce cost and improve the quality and look of their athletic field lines.

Save Time & Money​

Paint a new football field in under 2.5 hours! No more need to use measuring tapes out in the hot sun. No need to maintain unused sports fields for fear that the lines will disappear.

Drag-and-drop Your Fields on Tablet & Hit Start

100+ sports field templates at your fingertips with endless customization options. And all your fields are stored in the cloud and ready to be painted at any time.

Affordable & Easy​

Whether you are on the board of a soccer or lacrosse club or manage a sports complex, or maybe you only maintain a single type of sports field, the TinyLineMarker® Sport is the perfect fit.

Fast Return on Investment

We have made autonomous athletic field line painting available to everyone with the Sport. Many of our customers report payback within year 1 of purchase.

I never thought it would be this easy.

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