TinyMobileRobots® Named
Exclusive Robotic Line Painting Partner
of the NFHS for Athletic Facilities

In a Nutshell

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 7, 2023)

TinyMobileRobots is now the official and exclusive robotic line painting partner of the NFHS, The National Federation of State High School Associations. 

The NFHS is excited to announce its partnership with TinyMobileRobots. We look forward to promoting the incredible technology and innovation of TinyMobileRobots, and perhaps providing high school administrators with a helpful solution to the time-consuming task of field maintenance.

Working with TinyLineMarker Pro X and a tablet

Why This Partnership

Our field painters are ideally situated to solve the time-consuming task of painting sports fields. We autonomously mark lines for virtually every type of sports field: soccer, football, lacrosse, track & field, diamond sports, and many more. Users can switch between sports types and field layouts instantly using the included tablet and all layouts are saved and backed up in the cloud.

Our solution is used by hundreds of amateur and professional sports teams, school districts, and universities across the U.S.

Most people don’t realize the incredible time and effort that goes into maintaining high quality, safe athletic fields.

Our robots deliver tremendous value and help customers address their budget and labor challenges, while being environmentally sensitive by using less paint and producing higher quality lines than manual painting.

Join Thousands of Others & Optimize Your Fields