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I came into my position and we had already had another company’s robot and I started exploring just because I wasn’t happy with it at the time. It took too long to set up and then I came across TinyMobileRobots. From there, I just found it ten times easier to use. It was faster.

The quality was better in my opinion. Eventually, we switched over to TinyMobileRobots. One of the biggest advantages for TinyMobileRobots was a tablet and the ability to create fields right on the tablet, which we didn’t have before. It would take me less than a minute to create a new field where with the old robot, we’d have to get into mathematics to try to figure out how to line the field up correctly.

It was just a world of difference being able to set the fields up in under a minute compared to what we were used to. When I spoke with Tim, he told me about using a robot. I first told him no way.

Like, I wasn’t comfortable doing that, but after, I would say, after that first week of just kind of lining the fields and getting the feel of everything now I can honestly say like it to me I can do it with like you said with my hand tied behind my back like it’s pretty simple for me now. The flexibility of the tiny mobile robot allowed us to add more teams into our tournament. The biggest challenge sometimes in tournaments is getting more teams in because then you need more fields.

With TinyMobileRobots, I would go out every Friday and accomplish painting the fields in a matter of hours where before we had to have to spread it out over multiple days.

If the weather’s bad, we could get out in between thunderstorms just because of the ease of setting it up and getting it going. The time saved has been incredible. With TinyMobileRobots, we’ve now been able to go into different sports where we were approached by the pro organization here to host their flag football event. I’ve had no idea what a flag football field looks like. Called support, called you guys, and we’re able to get the flag football field correct to their diagrams right away.

We’re looking at other sports just because we have the ability to do so now with this, and we’re not gonna stress about how to how to get the fields lined, how to get them set up.

I definitely would advocate for the TinyMobileRobot. If you have multiple roles and you’re trying to, you know, get other things done while lining fields, it gives you ease of mind. It gives you that, you know, preparation to have quality fields lined, and you’re also able to fulfill any, you know, roles that you may have within the organization.

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