Sylvania Recreation and Park, Ohio

Success Story

A facility this big, we’re definitely putting out more fields at one time than than just a single field. So in the past, we would start ten days prior to a tournament. This year, was the first real year that we used the TinyMobileRobot for this large tournament. The TinyMobileRobot flawlessly performed.

Impact of TinyMobileRobot on Tournament Setup

One day we did about fifteen fields with that unit, and then the Friday. We finished the rest of it. And while they were doing that, all the soccer goals, all the flags, trash cans, and the entire event was set up with one man in two days for a twenty seven field tournament. The flexibility, that my team has seen since we started using the the unit has been tremendous.

Versatility of the TinyMobileRobot

We’ve painted parking lots with it. A girls lacrosse field was very impressive. So it it is never ending how impressed we are with this unit.

So the TinyMobileRobot has completely changed, the way we do things. I mean, just we’ll wait up until two days before, a field has a game on it to go out and and lay it out. So different leagues start at different times. We can wait until right before those games start to lay those fields out.

And then the rec fields,

Flexibility in Field Marking

they start a couple weeks after some of the travel stuff starts. It’s a huge a huge difference maker in in the TinyMobileRobot going out there. You know, like I said, two, three days before the games start. So while the TinyMobileRobots is out marking fields, I will be out personally moving goals onto the field, setting up nets while it’s working.

Efficiency and Equipment Preference

Instead of having three guys just out there just painting the fields.

If there was one piece of equipment in my shop that my board said you could no longer have, it certainly would not be the TinyMobileRobots. I guarantee you that would be the last piece of equipment to leave my shop, and I believe my staff would echo the exact same.

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