Minnesota Sodding – Speed and Efficiency Make the Difference

Ben Boeding from Minnesota Sodding Company, a US turf care specialist, talks about the advantages of using the TinyLineMarker Pro. Speed, mobility, and effective usability through a customized tablet are some of the reasons why TinyLineMarker Pro has become an integral part of their service operation.

You are able to lift the machine, load it into a vehicle, its easily movable with one person.

Speed and Customizable Layouts Make the Difference

At Minnesota Sodding Company, they believe the key qualities from the robot are speed, efficiency and customizable layouts. The TinyLineMarker Pro can mark fields at 4 km/h on any customizable layout created by the user.

The ability to do a variety of field layouts, sizes, customizable to what each customer would want or look for. Speed was a big piece of the puzzle as well, in order to get as many fields laid out in a day.

Easy Transportation and Mobility

One of the qualities that came as a pleasant surprise for Minnesota Sodding Company was the robot’s mobility and weight.

You are able to lift and move the machine, load it into a vehicle, its easily movable with one person.”

Highly Advanced Technology Teachable for Any Employee

Even though the robot uses highly advanced technology to mark sports fields, it is still easy to learn for any user.

It’s just like any new piece. Whether it’s a cellphone, computer, tablet or any other technology device, if you’re immersed in it, and you learn the menu items, and how they are looking to communicate to you, you’ll learn their language, and then go from there.”