ESC on Reducing Labor Cost and Increasing Productivity

Brett Williamson from Evansville Sports Complex shares his experiences from using the TinyLineMarker Pro. He was very impressed with the accuracy when doing initial marking and remarking. Increasing productivity and getting even more accurate lines has been a huge advantage, he says.

Instead of having to spend 2 days painting 8 soccer fields, I can do it all in about 6 hours now.

Reducing Labor Costs but Increasing Productivity

At Evansville Sports Complex, they have a wide range of field layouts, including 7v7, 9v9, 11v11. By using the TinyLineMarker Pro, they were able to reduce labor costs and increase productivity. 

When you do 11v11, 9v9, 7v7 all on the same fields, that’s a lot of man hours, and we were looking for a way to improve our productivity, but also at the same time reduce our labor costs.” 

Impressive Accuracy

Brett Williamson and his crew from Evansville Sports Complex have been pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the TinyLineMarker Pro.

“You think when you go from one painting to the next, that you may be off just a little bit on your template (…) But with the robot, we haven’t found that at all. It runs right over every line that it paints. We have enough space to be able to rotate our soccer fields around, so I can move them 10 yards this way or 5 yards this way, and it’s just like clockwork. It’s beautiful.”

Getting Other Tasks Done While the Robot Is Working​

One of the biggest benefits for Evansville Sports Complex is the fact that employees are able to work on other tasks while the robot is painting the field.

What we can do now is we can start the robot up on a field (…) I can go set benches, I can empty trashcans, clean bathrooms, we can go weed eat other areas of the facility, or I can put people on mowers more frequently, so instead of having to spend 2 days painting 8 soccer fields, I can do it all in about 6 hours now.”