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Here we have two eleven v eleven fields. On one of the fields,that has the turf pieces, we’ll keep that as our seven v seven fields. We’ll tend to rotate them, so if it’s, been beat up one year, we’ll switch those in because that’s a little bit smaller of afield.

There’s a little bit more traction that can put into those compared to the ones that are a little bit bigger. If we feel like we have to switch the fields, we’ll switch them over. What’s nice about the robot is you just press a button, it’ll transfer all those field dimensions over to the other one. Before, it was pretty difficult when we’re thinking about how we’re gonna do the dimensions, how we change it up, what spots we’re gonna try and miss out, just because there’s only so much you can do with especially with the turf pieces that we have in place.

But that would be hours and hours of figuring out on paper,and then same thing, hours and hours of coming out here,putting down the lines with the stakes, redoing them, and making sure that we have the right dimensions in between the fields as well for the benches because our players are inside,the parents on the outside. So that was a big issue that we’ve gotta figure out each time. On top of that, I mean, not just the time of it, but once we’ve gotten it out here, the quality of line is just it’s not just the parents, the parents get it, but when the kids really notice a difference in the lines and say how much better your fields and facilities look, we definitely know, it’s doing what it’s supposed to.

I basically came with the problem of, look, I got an issue. I’m taking too many times off of my practice nights. I’m out here every single night. One of the times I’ve gotta get them done before the weekends for the weekend games.

So that was my biggest concern that I brought up, and this was their solution to that. Like, what if we get, you know, one of these robots over to you? Would that help you? And it definitely has.

But for me to be able to hit a button, run a session, and Ialready have a small field done, and then just to transport over to the next one. I mean, it’s definitely the last month and a half.It’s been much easier, and I’ve been able to focus more on my teams than worrying about making sure fields are ready for the weekend. Yeah.

I mean, the biggest improvement is just me being on the field constantly. So, it’s taking time away here and there from certain groups where I like to oversee everything. I do have coaches there that are taking over sessions, but I like to not just run the activities, go around, chat with the players. You know, when you’re going around talking to each one of your players and they feel that you’re invested into them, it’s so important and I’ve been able to get back to that.

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