St. Andrews School, Delaware

Success Story

Before TinyMobileRobots, I knew on Wednesday, I lost two guys for the whole day. Couldn’t do anything all day long except paint. Now, I would have one guy paying the whole facility, but it’s not him just painting. Now he can go and water some of my annuals. He can go work on some landscaping.

He can do a little mowing. So he becomes very multifaceted, meaning he can do a lot of smaller jobs around the facility, whereas, if you go back to the way we were doing it the old way, I had two guys. The only thing they could do was paint all day. So now I have a lot more versatility because my one guy that’s painting is now freed up to do all these other smaller tasks or maybe a large task, but he’s just going back and forth checking on the robot.

We now are painting as needed, which is huge because we save paint.

We save time and labor, and I can take all that and I can focus that money and labor into other parts of the facility. The other side of that is we can paint day of, which is something we haven’t really been able to do because time and what is on the agenda for that week or day. Now with a TinyMobileRobots, we’re painting day of the majority of the time, which means there’s brighter lines, straighter lines, and the appearance looks a lot better. We have backed off all our painting because we’re only painting as needed.

Girls lacrosse this year did not play a home game for close to three or four weeks. I didn’t pick that field for almost a month, and then it was due for their game, send out the TinyMobileRobot, and paint. And with what was going on, I would’ve painted that field every single week. So there’s four buckets right the bat that I saved.

I would try and shift fields as much as I could, but within my fields themselves, I’m kinda limited on, you know, whether I can go fifteen feet or twenty feet one way. I would go out and lay out the field as far as where I wanted it placed for that season, which usually meant getting, you know, tape measures out, marking my corners, and then we would come in and start running string around the whole perimeter stringing and painting the field. You’re probably looking at around two to two and a half hours just to lay out your initial field. With TinyMobileRobots, I have thrown my string and stakes in the trash, and now just push a button and can lay out a field.

I’m not concerned about painting fields anymore. The concerns always that you’re gonna lose the field or not have time to paint the field. I don’t have that concern anymore.


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