Sports Tablet for Efficient Sports Field Painting

Manage All Your Field Layouts in One Place

User-friendly tablet design for easy line marking

We get continuous feedback from our customers who use the robot and tablet every day. This is your guarantee for a user-friendly and easy-to-learn tablet.

Create, copy, move, align and edit your fields

You control everything with the included tablet – the robot, the position of the fields, sizes and dimensions, settings etc. Even cleaning is made easy using on-screen controls and instructions.

+50 field templates and endless customizations

Field templates for American Football, soccer, rugby and a range of other sports types are always available from the tablet. Templates can be customized while you are out on the field.

New Features

We have launched 3 new features that completely transform the user experience: Custom Logo, Multi-Select, and Low Paint Alert. Keep reading below to learn more about them! 

Custom Logo Feature

The new Custom Logo Feature allows you to paint your custom logos, designs, and images using the field painter. This is possible thanks to the new and powerful file reader within the TinyLineMarker app. Paint the logo of your school or team. Paint event logos and designs when gearing up for tournaments and competitions. Then add text surrounding your designs to bring everything to life! 

The way to do this is very easy: You simply copy your logo file to your tablet, place it on the background map, and press Start.

You can copy your logo file in one of two ways:

  • Connect your tablet to your PC and copy-paste the logo file.
  • Store the file on a USB drive, connect it to the tablet and import the file.

1. Press New Field and select the file from the file locator.
2. Move and resize the design just like any other field.
3. Name your design and hit Save.

The design can now be painted at any time. You can also copy it to another location, change the size and
save again.

Create Custom Shapes

We also offer decorative templates that can be used by everyone who wishes to do a little extra with their sports turf. A good example would be to paint a Christmas tree around the holidays. This can add not only a sense of fun and celebration but also add branding value to your school, team or venue.

Get in touch to learn more about decorative options and custom design shapes.


Imagine you need to paint three fields in a row but you don’t want to start each field manually when the previous one has been painted. Solution? Multi-Select.

With Multi-Select, you can queue up your fields one by one or simply select all visible fields with one button.
Re-arrange the order if necessary and press Start. The robot will now paint field 1, then field 2 until all fields are painted.

You can always see the path the robot will drive between your fields. Just zoom in and the path will be displayed with dotted lines between the fields. This is planned automatically and helps you keep the path clear for the robot.

Low Paint Alert

Now you don’t have to worry about the field painter running out of paint while it’s painting your fields. The robot will send a notification to your tablet and let you know when it is time to refill the paint container or check the paint flow. 

The system detects whenever the paint container runs out of paint. This will trigger the alert and send you a notification on your tablet. The robot will keep working until stopped because paint can still flow through the paint system for a little while. Once stopped and refilled, simply press “Resume” and the robot will continue from where it stopped painting.

TinyLineMarker sports line marking user tablet

Create Fields

You create your fields by selecting a template on the tablet. You will find templates for football, rugby, lacrosse, tennis, track & field, etc. We are continuously adding new templates to the tablet. 

Copy and Align

Using the tablet, you can create, copy, move, align and edit your fields. When you copy fields, the tablet will give you easy-to-use suggestions on new positions. You can move the fields by using drag-drop directly on the map, and you can set a specific distance between fields to make sure everyone has the necessary space for line guards, visitors etc.


Background Map

You can place your fields directly using the background map. This allows you to make changes right from the sports ground and instantly check if the changes/ positions are accurate. You can also test drive fields before marking them to make sure everything is correctly placed.

See Robot and Tablet in Action

Create Fields from Fixed Points

It’s possible to create fields from pre-defined points such as fixed goal posts, goal sockets, or a corner/side of an existing field. Use the robot to collect the points, place the field, save on tablet and start painting.

Customize Field Layout

All templates can be customized from the tablet. You can make the soccer field a little shorter if you need to, you can change the size of the coaching zones for a smaller/larger game, or you can leave out the hash marks of a football field if they are not necessary for training.


How to Paint Fields from Fixed Points

See how you can use the robot to collect the positions of fixed goal posts in eg. football and mark the field afterwards.