Precise Field Painting for Every Sport At Your School or School District

Make Your Fields A Point Of Pride.

The high school field is a symbol for the entire community. A professional-grade field sets the stage for greatness, and TinyMobileRobots gives you the precision, consistency, and customization you need to take your field to the next level.

With a TinyMobileRobot, any district of any size can achieve an elite field that gets athletes and fans excited for the game.

Turn Painting Into A 1-Person Job

Crews have machines for mowing, edging, and other tasks, so why are they still measuring, lining, staking, and painting fields by hand? TinyMobileRobots returns hours upon hours of time and makes it possible to actually get everything done.  

The more your crew has to do, the more a field painting robot can help — like painting parking lots, band practice fields, and whatever else you might need.

Our Robots Last Longer And Save You More

As Tough as Your Organization Needs Them To Be.

Rough or uneven ground, unexpected weather, and day-in-day-out use are no problem for TinyMobileRobots. They’re so durable, we don’t even know how long they last. Our first generation of machines is still out there saving crews hundreds of hours each month.

Cut Paint Costs

Robots Use Paint More Efficiently to Achieve Paint Savings of 40-60%.

Paint On Any Surface

Robots Can Paint On Turf Fields with Sewn in Lines for Other Sports, Helping Schools Get More Out of Their Turf Investment.

Ongoing Updates & Support

Robot Keeps Receiving Software Updates Providing Regular Upgrades, and Real Time Support Team Is Available to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Robot.

TinyMobileRobots can be a game changer for your facilities, fields, and maintenance crews.

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