Empower Your Crew to Get More Done & Provide a Better Pitch for Players & Spectators.

Better Pitches, Faster & Easier!

Painting doesn’t have to be a Pain. TinyMobileRobots eliminate the need for initial layout using  tapes and strings, then push-painting an entire field. Now a team of one can layout a perfect, accurate rugby pitch wherever they need to — even on turf fields.

Place, Resize, Move, Rotate, and Customize Fields without Losing Proportions.

Easily Swap Between Field Layouts for Different-Sized Fields.

Remember and Duplicate Previous Fields with Just a Click.

Paint Sponsorship and Club Logos, and Other Design Details to Elevate Your Fields.

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Ready To See How Simple Painting Your Pitch Can Be?

Contact Us for a no-obligation demo, and we’ll come to your facility and paint your field and show you how fast, easy and accurate our robots can make your field line painting.


Stop Sweating Your
Life Away Painting Pitches

Pro-Quality Rugby Pitch — Anywhere

The Perfect Field, Made Impossibly Easy. Our Field Painting Robots Deliver a Professional-Grade Fields in a Fraction of the Time and Effort.


Paint Your Rugby Union Fields Faster

Paint a Regulation Rugby Union Pitch in 40 Minutes, versus 5-6 Hours Manually Measured & Painted.

Precise Touch Lines, Try Lines, & Meter Lines

Elevate the Quality of Your Rugby Pitch with Precise Touch Lines, Goal Lines, Meter Lines, & Numbers.

Simple Enough for Anyone to Use

Tablet Comes with a Simple Drag-&-Drop Google Maps Interface Lets You Size, Place, and Customize Any Field.

Make Painting Fields a One-Person Job

Forget Using 3-4 people to Layout & Paint Your Fields. Robot Only Takes 1-Person to Operate.

We’ll Paint Your Pitch…No Strings Attached!
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