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You can choose between two models of the TinyLineMarker®: Sport and Pro X. They are both of high quality and constructed for years of hassle-free operation, but they address different needs.

TinyLineMarker® Sport

  • Designed for local sports teams, ISD, colleges, high schools, sports associations
  • Small and lightweight
  • Most affordable solution on the market
  • Transportation: 1 person + 1 car​
  • Selection of templates included: 1 sports type, more can be added

TinyLineMarker® Pro X

  • Designed for cities, Parks & Rec, contractors
  • Designed for heavy use, but still portable
  • Designed for demanding conditions
  • All templates included
  • Handles wet / rugged /uneven surfaces due to large motor wheels

Why Choose Us

TinyLineMarker® Sport
TinyLineMarker® Pro X
55 lbs
77 lbs
132 lbs
No need for a separate base station to operate
Fields stored in the cloud for easy repainting
Share fields between robots
Can be lifted and deployed by one person
Automated robot clean-up in less than 2 min

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