Powerful and Reliable Athletic Field Painters for Park Operators and Facility Managers

The Right Equipment

When you cut the grass in a park, you have the right equipment for that task. 

When you trim the hedges, you have the right equipment for that task. 

When you paint athletic fields, you should also have the right equipment for that task! 

Say goodbye to measuring tape,  strings, and sweat! The automated field painters are here to free up your time, save on paint and improve quality.

Strong Performance on All Surfaces

TinyLineMarker Pro X is designed for the most demanding jobs. The versatile wheels keep going even when the surface is soft or uneven, and the sturdy construction ensures reliable operation every time, even in rough weather conditions. With 2.6 gal in the paint container, Pro X can paint several fields before a refill is needed, and this makes it a real time-saver. Watch the video to see what it can do!

Manage Your Fields Like Never Before​

50+ field templates are available to be placed on the Google background map.

Customize your fields in any way you like.

All field layouts can be shrunk, enlarged, moved, saved online, updated, etc. and it’s all possible from the included tablet.

Field sharing: All field layouts are saved online and can be accessed by any operator, robot, or tablet. That means complete flexibility for park operators and facility managers!

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