How to Attract an Audience With the Custom Logo Feature

Diving into the Custom Logo Feature

Why be limited to only the available templates that the field painters tablet provides? With the new Custom Logo Feature, you can paint any designs, custom logos and images using your field painter.

Keep It ​Simple

Simply copy your logo file to your tablet, place it on the background map, and press Start.

Time Saver

Paint your logo design in no time without the need for cardboard stencils.

Express Yourself

Offer the audience a great experience by decorating your turf with a logo or any custom design you want. This will really make your turf stand out.

So, How Does it Work?

Easy File Transfer

First, copy your logo file to your tablet, place it on the background map, and press Start.

You can copy your logo file in one of two ways:

  • Connect your tablet to your PC and copy-paste the logo file.
  • Store the file on a USB drive, connect it to the tablet and import the file.

Custom Templates for All Customers

We also offer ready to use custom logo template to all our customers for special events.

Find more info below.

Place and Paint Your Design

1. Press New Field and select the file from the file locator.
2. Move and resize the design just like any other field.
3. Name your design and hit Save.

The design can now be painted at any time. You can also copy it to another location, change the size and
save again.

Create Custom Shapes

We also offer decorative templates that can be used by everyone who wishes to do a little extra with their sports turf. A good example would be to paint a Christmas tree around the holidays. This can add not only a sense of fun and celebration but also add branding value to your school, team, or venue.

Get in touch to learn more about the decorative options and all the event templates that we offer our customers.