Edgewater High School, Florida

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Before tiny robot, painting a field was very, very time consuming. If you look at it to paint a football field, it would take us about four hours and that was with a good crew. With Tiny Robot, it’s really changed the game.

The nice thing about this now is we don’t need ten people for football and two or three for soccer and lacrosse. And so the the amount of parent volunteerism we ask for in this regard kinda goes away. You know, near it gives our parents to do volunteering in other ways. If we wanna use a robot, it’s one guy making sure it paints in the machine. All that labor, if something happens on a Thursday night, we need to stripe for Friday night lights. If we get rain, that’s impossible because ten guys can’t take off Friday morning.

I went to the booster club. I presented them the idea. What we need to do is we need to figure a way that the booster club can cover this, but also going out into the community and being like, hey, can you help us purchase this machine to help save us time and money, and then we’ll help you by advertising your business. You’d be the official paint sponsor at Edgewater High School. I was spending twelve thousand dollars a year on just paint where technically now I’m saving two thousand dollars honestly that each year to have the robot. So I’m saving money on paint. I’m saving money on time, which my wife likes because I’m not out on a Sunday or a Wednesday night till nine o’clock when I don’t have a game.

I swear to you, it wasn’t more than twenty or thirty minutes in totality plotting the field. Alright. Hash marks. Do you want them all?

Yes. Boom. Do you want the goal line marked? Do you want what numbers? What it was that easy.

And then when I’m done, press a button, cleans itself, and it goes home to its crate.

Next week, we’ll put flag football down. So we’ll have three fields on one field starting next week, but they’ll be so nice and put together that they don’t bleed over onto each other or run bad. It actually looks different during the day than it does at night. When the lights come on, like for some reason the paint pops.

I’ve gotten compliments all year long no matter what game it is, what field it is, that the field looks amazing. We have every single thing on the field that, you would need for a game. If it’s a football, we got middle hashes, side hashes, we got numbers.

You go to some high schools around Orange County or around the state of Florida, they just have lines because that’s all they got time to do is put down lines.

It’s simple.

It’s small.

You could transport it. You can’t do that really with the others.

Everybody loves the idea that they can press a button, use an iPad, walk away, and it’s gonna do the job for you, and it’s just perfect.

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