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DE Turf is a, all-synthetic turf complex. We have twelve synthetic turf fields. As a turf field, we’re painting over existing lines. So unless our new line over top of the old line is dead on, we’re gonna have a very small portion of the old line sticking out, which causes it to be a little bit, fuzzy. With the robot going over top of the line perfectly to less than a sixteenth of an inch. You have a crispness to the edge of the inside and outside of the line.

That is extremely difficult to get by by doing a pushcart. So in the old traditional way of doing the pushcart painting, you just pull a handle, and the paint comes out. Everybody knows that, but it definitely takes some months in practice to make sure that your lines are straight and accurate, you know, to the level that we want it to be at. So now that is completely erased, pretty much with the fields being loaded on the tablet.

The tablet is as easy to use as a cell phone. Painting, get on the pad, mark the fields you want, the lines that you want. You can multitask while you’re painting a field. You can go do something else for a few minutes and then come back if you got a refill or, oh, it’s done, then you just take it and move it to the next field, let it go.

You just keep an eye on it. You can just look over and see if it’s still moving. You got the pad, and it will tell you when it’s out of paint and everything. So it’s awesome.

I really like the fact that I can handle four and a half gallons of paint. In this tiny robot. I think the competitors was less than that. The less that I have to fill up any kind of painter, the better it is for us.

The way that we go through and create new fields is definitely a much more streamless on a tiny robot than the competitors. The software does a really good job of allowing me to let the program know, hey, I don’t really need a perfect rectangle because I’m trying to go over old lines that aren’t a perfect rectangle. The other the competitors, it wasn’t that easy. And it kinda we would have had to erase a lot of our existing lines to make the new ones fit.

Whereas Tiny Robot, it’s we still have to raise a few, but it’s only about, like, ten percent. Part of what makes our complex run, obviously, is partnerships with local businesses and sponsorships at the turf. We couldn’t make templates to do a hand logo on every field for a sponsor. Now with the the robot, you know, the ease to take their logo from the marketing department, add it to our program, painted on the field.

I mean, that far and away gonna add to the value of our sponsorship package. There’s always updates. There’s always people working behind the scenes to make it better. So if you have a pitfall here, you can make a phone call till you tell them what the problem is, and they’re like, okay, we got it.

We’ll mark it down. We’ll try to fix it, but I would tell them to get it. It’s gonna save you time, so it’ll be more accurate. It’s just a better overall features than just the old hand-held painters.


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