Field Line Painting Robots for Schools Campus Rec and Athletic departments.

For Athletic Departments and Campus Rec Departments, professional-looking fields reflect the quality of the department and the school. But painting fields lines takes hours, leaving you strapped for manpower and a to-do list that never gets shorter. 

With our field line painting robots, you don’t have to choose between efficiency, labor costs, and quality. TinyMobileRobots paints a sharp, precise fields every time, and transform painting into a 1-person job.


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Campus Recreation

Whether you’re preparing fields for Intramurals or Club Teams, your crews have a lot of fields and field types to prepare — which can seem like a never ending job. TinyMobileRobots cuts that effort to minutes not hours, allowing your crews to finally handle those tasks that never seem to get done. 

Getting Started is Easy. Just Place the Field, Load the Paint, and Press Start, No Base Station to set up! Even cleaning your robot is fast and mess-free thanks to its internal 3 step 3-minute internal cleaning system.

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Athletic Departments

For your program to stand out, every field and facility must stand up to the gameday standard. TinyMobileRobots lets turf teams up the quality of practice fields while giving them back hours each week to focus on what’s most important. 

With TinyMobileRobots on your team, your turf team can spend more time cultivating the turf, mowing, aerating, and elevating your facilities.

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