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We are a community youth sports club that services about fifteen hundred players a year. The TinyMobileRobots has really helped our field preparation crew. We’re able to set up really fast. And the quality of how the fields look when it’s done is far above what we were able to do by hand. We’re able to save time on the overhead of our field prep crew. And then while they’re still out here, we’re able to get Nets adjusted and really get dialed in some of those details that really stand out for us.

We do several tournaments a year, and the field layout changes with the tournaments, but normally we set up one way in the fall and one way in the spring. Before, it was probably an hour and a half. Pull strings change a field lineup. Now it’s twenty to twenty-five minutes. When our sales rep brought a TinyMobileRobots here and did a field in four minutes and seventeen seconds.

It’s a no-brainer. You know, you have to go with this TinyMobileRobots.

TinyMobileRobots has saved us in paint usage, and one person can do the entire thing. I can actually do other things. Move goals, set up corner flags, move benches.

While the machine is doing the work, probably forty percent, fifty percent in man-hour savings. From a paint standpoint, I’d say it’s probably fifty, sixty percent savings in paint. The guys are able to line a full eleven v eleven in about twenty-two minutes, where that used to take us about an hour and a half, and we’re able to really dial in and focus on some of those details to get those game date preparations looking really good.

A tiny mobile robot has been a great addition to our club, and any other clubs that are considering it, we would say definitely go for it. It pays for itself very, very quickly. The service is fantastic, and it’s been a great purchase for us. The TinyMobileRobots is straightforward.

Even a guy as old as I am had no problem learning how to use it. It’ll be the club standard before long. Once other clubs see how good it is and what the financing options are and that small clubs like ours really can make that sort of a purchase and feel good about it. I think it’ll be the wave of the future.

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