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TinyMobileRobots has really helped us improve our strive to be better in everything we do at Braden River Soccer Club. The way the fields look is important to us. It’s the first impression people see when they walk on the ground is that they notice those lines. Feels had to be strung and measured and walked out, and it was just a very long process. Now that we have the tiny mobile robot, the ease of how quickly we can paint a field is just fantastic. It really is.

When we did it before, the lines were obviously not as straight. I would be here a full day and half a day, mainly most weeks. I still do that, but I get more done. So it does free you up. You’re not concentrating all the time, sitting on sat on a machine and, you know, trying to get a line straight. The pressures on you when you set your sat on the machine to get that line straight.

But with the robot, you know it’s gonna be straight.

The TinyMobileRobot gives us a professional look with the GPS, and the balancing system keeps the line perfectly straight. So when everybody walks into the park, they can see our lines, look at our fields, and go man. That looks really professional. The volunteer position helping us out to, we greatly appreciate, and respect.

But as you change and you improve and become better, more professional, the quality of the lines is what we’re looking for. The ability to immediately just program or punch in a spot and select the size that we need, and the robot is already pre-programmed with settings, allows us to just hit the setting that we need, and bang it’s gone in a couple of minutes. So it’s from an efficiency standpoint, the time standpoint, it now allows us to get through more fields more often. We don’t have to worry about the old lines and pegs and the time taken to wonder if we got the corners straight really pre-programmed, and it’s done in a second.

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