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Offering a Better Way to Paint Athletic Your Fields!

Watch the video to learn about TinyMobileRobots and our athletic  field painting autonomous robots.

Who Is TinyMobileRobots?

Suppose you think of the ideal product or service. It usually solves a problem cheaper, faster, easier, and better than available solutions. That’s what we do for athletic field line painting. Our solution does it in a way that uses less paint, so our robots support the environment.

We don’t replace people with our robots. What we do is free up people’s time to multitask and do other tasks while the robot is operating. That’s important because our customers are parks and rec departments, colleges & universities, and school districts. Many of which are facing staffing challenges and budget shortages. In a small way, our goal is to help relieve some of that pressure.

We have a U.S.-based sales team supported by our customer support, technical support, and distribution teams, all based in Atlanta, GA. From here, we can effectively support all our U.S. and Canadian customers.

There’s an old saying that talk is cheap, and it is. So we’d much rather go out and visit a customer, bring a robot, paint a field or two, and show them hands-on how the robot works. Show them how much time and paint it saves them, so they can spend that time doing other things.

TinyMobileRobots Values


The robot's capabilities are based on our in-depth knowledge of robotics, positioning, automation, and user interfaces.


Our technology is based on 10+ years of research, consulting, and experience within the automation, surveying, and infrastructure industries.


Precision technology, positioning, GPS, GNSS, robotics, UI/UX optimization - our robots combine various technologies to offer the best results for field line marking.


Turning technology into meaningful, easy-to-use solutions for our customers means we must be close to our customers. Their needs define our priorities.

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