1776 United Soccer Club

Success Story

Once we’ve got the TinyMobileRobots, the whole method of setting the fields up for each week changed. Say, okay, what games have we got going on? When are the games going on? And where are those games scheduled for? So I’ll take my notes and then I get out of the office for a couple of hours.

Sanding the sunshine. I set the robot up. I click which fields I want to align and the dimensions that I want, and where I want to put them. In terms of the cost and the decision to get the robot, it was a really easy sell to the board.

I was able to show that each year the cost of the robot is about fifty percent of what we were paying in labor. Plus, we had some paint savings, but cutting the price of lining our fields in half. And to have the flexibility was it wasn’t a long board meeting. It wasn’t a hard sell.

We hold a one-day tournament here. We have about twenty fields that we use. We had a school district field that we were gonna use. And the day before we did our final checks, we hadn’t heard anything that was wrong with it. We did final checks of all the fields.

I got a call from our guy who is checking it, saying this feels unplayable. It’s not safe. There’s there’s holes in it. There’s no way we can. We’re gonna have to cancel games or give refunds for the tournament, and I was at another one of our sites.

I said, what size did it? It said seventy-seven. And I said give me three minutes. So I put the phone down.

I looked at the tablet. I measured it out. I said, no problem. We’re gonna move all the gains over to here.

And within three minutes, we had a problem that would have cost us thousands of dollars in refunds, checks to teams not able to get the games at the tournament. Too, I was able to put down another field within twenty minutes of that phone call. We had the field lined up, goals out, ready to go.

So it’s a matter of just now making a quick phone call, working out what games we’ve got, and then I have the field set up in the tablet. So my tiny robot just goes through and does exactly the ones that I want it to do. So I am only using paint for the fields that are gonna be used. I don’t have to worry about maintaining the lines for next week to go over the top. For the underage groups, it means that I can really adjust the field sizes based on the number of sign-ups, and whether it’s playing three v three or four v four, you can actually make those slight adjustments. You don’t have to worry that this is our standard field and this is what we have to do. We can look at the sign-ups that we have, the age groups that we have, and we’ve also been able to put some of those players to our nicer premier fields because now I can make the lines work. So those guys get to play on the great surfaces as well.

It looks nice. It looks really clean. It looks accurate. You can actually do different things with the lines. Like, we have our name on our field occasionally for a big game, We will actually plaster seventeen seventy-six united actually on the field of play, and it looks great. Using my TinyMobileRobots to put the lines down really does just make the fields stand out.


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